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Henk Blom, Dutch / European Peace Church Community 


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Many hosting Peacemaker Communities may indirectly be honored in the events mentioned below: with their prophetic hospitality they provided key to this Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace, contrasting unprecedented modern Mining / Extractivism-of-all-kind.

–  2011 WCC consultation on ‘Just Peace’ (Kingston Jamaica)

–  2012 UNPFII on Doctrine of Discovery and the Framework of Dominance (NewYork UN) 

–  2013 invitation to become part of the CLAI-AELAPI consultation on Native Indian Theology (Pujilí ec)

–  2013 WCC 10th Assembly with its call for Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace (Busan kr)

–  2014 CJP invitation as Scholar in Residence, on the theme of ‘All Creation’ (Harrisonburg Shanandoah us)

–  2016 seminar on biblical ecology, Episcopales, RedPaz / CAMCA / Semilla gt

–  2018 prayer for ecumenical healing around early radical reformation (Münster de)

–  2019 informal meetings in WCC Geneva on ecumenism of All Creation, especially the 1988 consultation Granvollen (no)

–  2020 CLAI-AELAPI meeting: ‘La acción del Espíritu en los Pueblos Indigenas / The working of the Spirit among the Indigenous People’ with special attention to Vatican acts of Healing into the Amazonía (Tolé pa)

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